Whether you are looking to start a new business, grow your company, learn to calm and program your mind, achieve unattained goals or take control of all areas of your life I can help. My complete coaching program focuses on three key areas of your life to help you get to where you need to be:


What are your financial goals? Do you need help validating business ideas or perhaps have a business you need to grow? Either way, I can help you in both cases! I have extensive experience working with companies to get more clients and make more money. You’ll not only get support and expertise but also practical marketing tools you will have designed for your needs to help you make headway.


My coaching focuses massively on harnessing the power of the mind for success programming. Being qualified in hypnotherapy from a young age I’ve used a unique combination of hypnosis and mindfulness to facilitate the accomplishments of many challenges including setup up businesses to losing weight and finding inner calm in my life. I believe these mind focusing techniques are key to real lasting positive change.


It’s obvious the importance of maintaining good health, but this area of people’s lives is usually neglected when working to improve career and business goals. In order to achieve in other areas of life, you must also take care of your body. After all, your mind and body are integrally connected, so to have the best chance of accomplishing goals it’s crucial to have a strong and focused mind as well as body!


Paul Connor, an internet marketer, personal coach and entrepreneur with a difference. From a young age, Paul always wanted to make a difference in the world. As Paul got older he achieved becoming one of the youngest hypnotherapists in the Country at the age of 18, due to his need to solve his own problems and understand how to help others on a deep level. As he set his attention towards business he achieved awards including Business Person of the Year’ in Northumberland and ‘Worker of the Year’ in the GBCA for his work in the care sector. Paul has also had difficult periods in his life, hence why he is so keen to help others not only financially and with starting and succeeding in business, but also in a holistic sense to optimise all important areas of life including business, mind and health. Over the years Paul has built up much knowledge about how to get results through self-help, mentored learning and experimenting with ideas – becoming financially independent, fit and healthy and most importantly mindful. He believes it is the optimisation of these three factors that creates happiness!


The Main Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business

The Main Marketing Platforms to Grow Your Business

Today I just want to touch on some of the main ways to market your business.

Having a list of different marketing channels can give you new ideas to help gain new customers. It is important to remember that where one business might prosper by using a certain marketing strategy, a different business might fail.

Therefore it is always important to test and measure the performance of the campaign you are running.

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