Greetings. I’m Paul and I want to take a minute to introduce myself.

Since I was little I always enjoyed connecting with people, thinking big and working towards my goals.

Back then I imagined working my way up the corporate ladder and doing really well for an employer. After reaching this position in a job, I realised that I had been living my life on other peoples terms and had not focused on where I can add real value.

Imagine quitting a well paid job to be left with no real business ideas or money, leaving you broke and left to fight for yourself. This is where I was when for a period of time, but my passion and determination for business made me keep learning until I learned how to add value to other peoples’ lives. The truth is, it can be hard but it’s what’s in you that will keep you going and succeed.

I have been able to use my times of strife to help me push on and build income streams to support my lifestyle.

What makes me most happy is being able to help people who are trapped in their daily hell ‘their job’ ‘being unhealthy’ or those who need help taking the next step towards starting achieving their goals.

When I was only 18 I became one of the youngest hypnotherapists in the Country, due to my desire to help those around me overcome their problems and to figure out my own issues. I’ve found that everything starts in the mind and harnessing its immense power is essential to achieving goals and finding real fulfillment.

What I think is most important in life is to be happy and happiness comes to each individual for different reasons, so finding what truely makes you happy is what is key!

One other important point I must highlight is that most people feel they need to work to just generally ‘get-by’ in life, whilst I believe you should enjoy your work and feel valued for what you do.

After all, life is not about surviving it is about THRIVING!

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