Getting Customers the Cold Way

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When a small business needs customers one of the options business owners turn to is cold contacting a prospect either by phone or usually by email.

For some this might be a technique that has been tried with little results, for others it might have worked to get a few new customers on board, whilst for others this could be a brand new marketing strategy never tried before.

What ever your situation, I’m going to show you how to most effectively use cold emailing to get new clients.

In this article YOU will get a full step by step strategy how to cold email for best results, including:

  • What works
  • What doesn’t
  • Downloadable email templates
  • Downloadable prospect contact spreadsheet

1. What information we will try to gather

So the first step is to identify what key information we will need to gather in order to have a successful shot at cold emailing.

It’s essential to attempt to target the right person before making any contact. This will be the decision maker who would decide whether or not what you are offering is important and worth buying from you. Save yourself time and a terrible headache by doing the correct research first.

I would recommend trying to gather the following details:

  • Company name
  • Name of contact
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Priority
  • Notes

This should be done in bulk so you have a list of a number of different people to contact, rather than doing one by one.


I have attached a spreadsheet for you to record all of this data, ready for you to get researching and contacting Download

2. Work out who you want to target and find contact details

Hopefully you have already profiled your target market and understand their needs and most importantly have an insight into their characteristics, demographics and what they eat for breakfast (just kidding?)!

Once you have an idea of who you are targeting it’s time to gather information about that particular company and person you want to target. One of the first questions you need to ask is where is there going to be public information about this prospect.

There are many places you can find information to start putting a cold emailing list together, here are some ideas that can help you get that crucial information:

  • Linkedin – on Linkedin it’s very easy to carry out a search on your targeted type of client i.e. a website designer focusing on plasterers in the local area would be able to run a search using the main keywords “type of work” + “geographical location”. This would show a number of individuals who work doing this type of trade in that local area. You could then dig deeper to find out the persons name, email address etc.
  • Newspapers  – this is one of my most favourite ways to find new clients. If you receive a local free newspaper through your door the chances are you will be bombarded with business ads. Look carefully for your target market; you should be able to find either a website address or email address and with a bit of luck a contact name.
  • Twitter – by taking some time to run a Twitter search and looking through your current followers you should be able to find some potential clients. Look at their hompage to find contact details.
  • Facebook – it goes without saying how many companies now have a Facebook business page. Use this page to identify potential leads and to locate contact details.
  • Magazines – you will frequently find your target market advertising in magazines, be sure to gather website addresses and other contact information.
  • Business websites – probably the number one way to get an insight into a business you are looking at cold emailing.
  • Personal/blog websites – similar to the above bullet you will get a much deeper insight into the person you are looking to contact which can be unbelievably helpful when crafting your message.
  • Google – use Google to run searches for the name of the business or person or keywords to find lead information.

If you are unsuccessful in establishing a contact to approach you can try a strategy called an informational cold call. This involves asking for information regarding the contact you need to email. THIS IS NOT A TIME TO PITCH!

Here’s a script done for you and ready to use, just enter your own wording depending on your business:

Hi this is (your name) from (your company), I was wondering if you could help me with a quick query.




I’m looking for the person who deals with (your subject). Do you have any idea who that is?


(they hopefully provide a name)


Wonderful, I just want to send (the name you were given) an email about how we have helped similar companies to (company’s name) (then your value proposition i.e. save money on their energy bills, get more clients etc.).


Would it be possible to get their email address please.


(hopefully you receive their email address) If you receive a no:


No problem. Do you know of anybody I could contact regarding this matter?

The above script has worked for me a number of times. Remember to deal with the most likely objection of the person you speak to not knowing the contact details of who you are looking for by simply asking if they know anybody else who knows the right person.

3. The Cold Email

The subject line

The first objective you have when sending any type of email is getting it opened. In order to achieve this you need to carefully word your subject line.

Here are some pointers to create a good subject line:

  • Use the equation (value proposition for subject of proposition) i.e. generate more leads for your business, increase property value by 20% for your home, save 50% on your next shop.
  • Don’t use the following: hi, hello, greetings, you should use this, win, make x amount of money, want more money, an opportunity. All of the above either are too broad and not compelling enough or are just pure internet marketing lingo which will automatically get deleted.

With people being inundated with emails on a daily basis it’s important to not fall into looking like the rest of the email subject lines out there that get deleted without even being opened.

Addressing your contact

It’s important to always use the contacts name (if you managed to get it). This will help you tremendously from turning the cold prospect to a warmer one before they even start reading the email.

Keeping it informal works for most i.e. Hi (name) or Good morning/afternoon (name). Try to avoid being formal as this will deter people from developing a relationship with you for the most part. If you are contacting somebody who you know adheres to very formal pratices then by all means use the formal ways to address that person i.e. Dear (name).

Email body

When writing the body of the email there are a few pointers to follow for best results.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Keep your email concise and to the point.
  • Don’t exceed 4 – 5 sentences.
  • Individualise each email to the company you are sending the email to.
  • Avoid a template looking email.
  • Don’t use spamy kind of language.
  • Always use suitable vocabulary your contact will understand.
  • Give a professional look by using a well designed email signature with suitable links for contact to learn more about you.
  • Space your email out, separating each sentence for readability purposes.
  • Don’t bulk all of your text in one paragraph.
  • Try to put across the benefits of your product/service instead of the features i.e. we can save you over £400 per year on your heating bills, instead of we can provide a new boiler!
  • Personalise each email to the person you are sending it to. For example check their tweets on Twitter to find real information you can mention to make your email stand out. If you can identify any recent events they have been involved in or are going to be attending then mention these.

An effective cold email script

The below email seems to work very well. I have seen it used countless times to great effect. It seamlessly identifies a current problem, before quickly giving a solution and resolve to that issue.

Hi (name),


I realised you are not using (your service/product i.e. state of the art boiler) which (the benefit of your offer i.e. can save you £200 per year on your heating bills).


We have helped many companies similar to yours achieve (benefit i.e. saving hundreds of pounds on their heating bill) with our (service/product i.e. heat saving boilers). Some of our clients include xxxx (only do this if you can confidently name some of your clients).


It will be great if you have time next week to have a quick chat to discuss how we can deal with this for you.

 Another email script

The below script is used to keep your credibility when sending an email to multiple contacts at that business. It works on two different levels. Firstly it shows that you are open and being honest about who you have sent the email to. This prevents you from looking sneaky trying to pull a fast one.

Secondly this can trigger competitiveness within the team to try to give you an answer first.

Hi (name),


I’m trying to get in touch with the person who deals with (marketing, accounts, recruitment, training etc.). Additionally I have emailed X in your company to see if they can help.


I would like to send over some info about how (your company i.e. Ballsy Media) can (the benefit of your product/service i.e. increase your customer base dramatically) by using our (your product/service i.e. lead generating technologies). We have already achieved great results for similar companies.


Would it be possible to discuss this at some point next week?

 One more script

This one I call the no-brainer. In essence it’s a very short to the point email that a prospect would be stupid to turn down. Please note it will involve some kind of give away you will have to provide like a free product or consultation.

Good morning (name),


(your business) is giving away free (product/consultancy/service) this week to show eligible businesses how to (the benefit of product/service).


Let me know if you have a few minutes to spare this week to make this happen.

Don’t be disheartened

If for some unknown reason you don’t get a response from your prospect don’t be concerned, as there are many reasons why you have not yet received anything. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your email has been deleted due to communicating a poor message.

Because there are many reasons why you might have not received a reply, be sure to send a follow up to draw the prospects attention to the same message, perhaps they didn’t even read the first email you sent or maybe it was on their reply to list but they didn’t have the time to reply to you. Whatever the reason, the follow up email is almost as important as the first providing you haven’t received a response yet.

Go get cold emailing

Reading and learning is all good, but doing and implementing is so much better!

Go get busy with using this cold emailing system to see how much more business you can drum up. Have fun with this, the more you do and enjoy the better you will get and ultimately the better you will get at this marketing technique.

Download all of the scripts here Download

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