Marketing – The Three Big Question

A few years back I was doing some work in beautiful Switzerland.

One day when out and about I decided to take a trek up the mountain to find a popular restaurant everybody was talking about.

I was quite tired, hungry and wasn’t sure where I was heading.

Which path to take to get to my desination the quickest?

Inevitably it took me longer than I would have like to arrive at my destination. It took approximately 1 hour to find the place!

Paul Connor Marketing

Looking a little bit stressed in the mountains in Switzerland

On the way home from the restaurant weighing an extra stone I was able to get back to my accommodation within 30 minutes.

That’s more than twice as fast and it could have been quicker if I had ate less food.

The difference was I had a better idea of which paths to take and which ones not to take. This time I knew where I was going!

Marketing is Very Similar

If you know which roads lead you to results and which ones don’t then you can get results and build your business twice as fast.

Don’t let marketing get complicated, because complicated things just aren’t fun and you tend not to do the boring stuff.

There are three main things to consider when Marketing. These are:

1. What is the main problem that your business solves?

2. Who’s Problem are you solving – what is their avatar?

3. Where can you find these people to solve their problem with your solution?

People tend to focus on the unimportant stuff and forget about what is at the real heart of getting the results they desire.

Do the Work Now

If you haven’t already, I want you to really consider the above three questions, it’s amazing how many people haven’t carefully thought about these questions.

Take out a pencil and pad, open up a word doc or use your notes app on your phone and get jotting down!

If your business solves more than one problem, then write a list. If you have more than one type of customer, then great write this down too. And if you can find your customers in more than one place, yes you guessed it get it – written down.

After taking the time to consider these three questions you should feel much more confident  about moving forward with your marketing strategy.

There is no magic formula here – well if there is, this is it 🙂

Get Even Clearer on Your Destination

The more you try different paths the more you will know which way to turn to find the right customers and therefore grow your business.

However, you should also get super focused on where you want to travel to.

For example when I first traveled to the restaurant I had a vague idea how to get there, once I had tried I knew how to get there more than twice as fast.

What’s important here:

1. Know where you want to go.

2. Take action and start figuring out what actions gets you to your destination quicker.

Where is Your Destination

“How can you score a goal in life if you haven’t set your goal posts”

So where do you want to get to?

Get really laser focused on where you want to be in such a time frame. Without this how can you possibly measure your success.

Be very precise with this. For example your goals might look like this:

  • Have 5 new paying clients in one month
  • Get 100 new email subscribers in three months
  • Increase profits by 20% in one year

These are just some examples, but what’s important is that you know what you want.

How to Get the Most for Little

In my next post I will be sharing one of my favourite productivity tips to get you producing more with little effort.

I can’t wait to share it with you.



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