Why You Must Plan Your Future and the Best Way to do it!


Whether you’re 15 or 50, it’s crucial to plan how you want your future to be. This includes all aspects of your ideal, including: where you want to live, who you want to live with, what you do for a living and how much you want to earn.

These are just some questions you can start to consider, but with a bit more thought the list can be extensive.

So why is it essential to start planning? The simple answer to this question is that if you don’t somebody else will do it for you and you will become a part of somebody else’s ideal. Anyway, how are you meant to play the game of life with no goal posts (GOALS).

Most people who don’t enjoy life have one thing in common. They believe they have no control over their future and therefore don’t have the ability to influence the direction of their life at all.

The truth is, most people do influence their future, but unfortunately, in a negative way.

Have you ever heard people talking about how poor they are, how much they despise their job or how things cannot get any worse.

Well these phrases not only describe a person’s thought process, but in a way describe their view of the future. Whether they know it or not, such words and ways of thinking have a great influence on the direction of a person’s life.

You see, what is being thought and acted upon in the here and now, is ultimately what is steering your future.

Every action has a reaction, and in essence that’s how it works. In general, your thoughts will manifest into actions which then have an impact on the outside world and other individuals.

Saying that, you must be entirely focused on what you want to the extent that it permeates your mind and behaviour and you take logical, decisive action to get it.

Please don’t believe the bullshit that you merely need to think of what you want to have it in the physical world. It takes a tough process of persistence, mental concentration and a go-get-it attitude.

So how do you go about influencing your own future? Here’s how:

1. Write a plan


Don’t worry if you can’t see the full picture yet, the important thing here is that you put pen to paper and start exercising your mental muscle that will certainly strengthen over time to help you achieve your goals.

Write down timelines, people to get involved in your project, services to use, any purchases you will have to make. Just write down as much as possible.

Never lose sight of your desire.

I desired my dream car for a number of year before I got it. I went through times of financial hardship, job changes and business start-ups before I was able to purchase my BMW.

Over these years I concentrated on it and never lost focus despite my ever changing situation.

Remember one thing you can count on is CHANGE!

2. Create a dream board


Cut out and stick pictures of everything you want to attract into your life onto a board where you can see it every day. Remember, if you want something that badly you must give it your time consistently.

I print out images of things that I feel motivated by and have them in my office where I can see them daily.

If your goal is big, then you will need to motivate yourself on a daily basis and remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing!

3. Use a smart phone


This is my favourite technique as I always have my HTC One on me. You can save images videos and sound files of your desires directly onto your phone, meaning you can access media to stimulate your mind when you’re on the bus, driving, in bed, on the toilet, okay so you get my point.

Talk about what you wish to achieve with family and friends – make it public. Don’t worry about what others say, use negative criticism to motivate you towards achievement.

The chances are the people who you believed would support you in perusing success will let you down. Once again use this as a motivator to push on and move forward. Just think of the look on those people’s faces when you WIN BIG! 

4. Find a Mentor


Even for the most fiercely independent individuals, finding a mentor is key for a number of reasons. Firstly everybody needs to be inspired to move forward. Find that person who influences you to take action.

Secondly, on your way through your journey there will be times when you lose faith in yourself and lack self belief. A good mentor is somebody who stands by you and believes in you. This can be the difference between quitting and succeeding.

What’s Key

Most importantly, Never give up. The only thing that can stop you is death and believe me, we are stronger than we perceive ourselves to be.

Remember the first step is half the journey!



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